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Cybersecurity insurance is not a cybersecurity strategy. While there is no way to 100% protect a company’s business operations, data, and IP from cyber threats, there are ways to mitigate risk through a cybersecurity initiative focused on people, processes, and technology. Start with Zero Trust and security-first design principle with Airgap.

At the heart of this initiative are three basic fundamentals: an understanding of what needs to be protected, the value associated with these assets, and the company’s overall risk tolerance. These drive the rightsizing of company’s cybersecurity strategy to safeguard its assets and reputation.

Ransomware in Healthcare

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Ransomware adversaries have highly preyed on healthcare networks, including successful attacks on a number of high-profile victims like Sky Lakes Medical Center in Oregon, DCH Health System in Alabama, and the massive Universal Health Services attack. Airgap Ransomware Kill Switch and Secure Application Access can help address the excessive trust in any healthcare network and stop ransomware spread in real-time.

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Airgap helps implement comprehensive Zero Trust in minutes without the need for agents, APIs, or forklift upgrades. The patent pending Zero Trust Isolation™ platform assures threat propagation protection.

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